8 Festive Ways for Builder Brands to Celebrate the Holidays.

Builder BrandHolidayLookbooks have every reason to celebrate the Holidays. They are building the homes and communities where families and friends gather to celebrate Holidays they observe in ways that are special and meaningful to them.

At Builder Promotions, we kick off the Holiday season with our annual Holiday Shops! They are digital versions of the retail Pop-Up Shop. This year the excitement started early again because several of our uber-organized Marketing clients are getting ready for their End of Year Events and Milestones, early! So we have worked quickly to launch our Holiday Look Book, curate our Gourmet Holiday Goods, and refresh our popular Holiday Card Pop-Up Shop. To complement our launch, we thought we’d share a list of festive ways your Brand can celebrate the holidays. Continue reading


3 simple things customers want from a relationship with your brand.

Why does trust matter so much in a new home buying experience? Why does trust matter to every single brand in existence? One word — relationships.

I am reading the book, The Experience, by Bruce Loeffler and Brian T. Church. Both are veteran executives from Disney. They’ve put their 5 principles of Disney service and relationship excellence into a pragmatic book with relatable and elegantly simple ideas you can apply to any business where exceptional service counts.

About half way through the first chapter, the authors describe what customers want from their relationship with a brand. A light bulb went off, for me, because it sounded a lot like what everyone wants from any relationship! It seemed particularly relevant to Builder Marketers because buying a new home involves such a large degree of trust by consumers. Here’s what the authors have to say:  “Customers want to feel welcomed, valued and that they matter to you.” It’s simple and if you think about your own relationships, it’s pretty true – isn’t it?Pink Feminine Acoustic Album Cover (2)

While it’s an elegantly simple idea, expressing this to prospects and customers is intentional work.  Continue reading

The Brand Guide – Unsung Hero of Brand Consistency.


Brands express themselves in colors, typeface fonts, photo imagery, voice, and they have a “mood” and a set of characteristics that reflect their personality.  Brand guides help to centralize all this information and make it “turnkey-simple” for your company to reproduce and speak for your brand in a way that delivers a consistent experience to your customers and prospects. If you are looking for Brand Guide inspiration, grab a cup of coffee and check out these graphically inviting links to brand guides of every kind.

I love this visually enticing HubSpot blog post about brand guides. The post displays 22 brand guides that would inspire any Marketing Manager. If you’ve got a brand guide that you’ve been meaning to update, you’ll be inspired because we’ve also included some other creative and instructive resources that you can easily adapt to what you are using currently. Continue reading

Custom Flags perform 3 important tasks for New Home Communities.

BuilderCategoryStoreImageDoormats_Flags_Signs2Pacific Highlands Ranch, San Diego, CA

Flags serve several important purposes for New Home Communities:

  • Signaling
  • Decoration
  • Signage

When new home buying prospects shift from digital shopping to an in-person visit at your beautifully designed new home communities, they are usually met with inviting, eye-catching and enticing Community branding, architecturally interesting entrances and billowing flags. Flags are a cost-effective way to signal that there is a new home community waiting to be explored, discovered and enjoyed by prospective home buyers.

Construction At A PulteGroup Inc. Housing Development Ahead of Earnings Figures

In the context of new home marketing, a flag’s main purpose is to create movement that catches the eye of passersby. Secondarily, they add a decorative compliment to artistically designed Community entrances which welcome home shopping visitors. Continue reading

She’s on our team, which means she’s on your team too. Meet Anna Jimenez.

BP6 Front Page (4)

BP Custom Shopper™ is a signature service of Builder Promotions, Inc. It’s like a personal shopper and a virtual marketing assistant combined. Clients can quickly brief our BP Custom Shoppers™ with information about their Realtor event, grand opening, closing gifts, new Community launch, etc.  BP Custom Shoppers™ generate ideas, shop for enticing products, create custom virtual images and email a digital creative presentation to clients with products they can use to sell new homes. While we are doing this work, our clients are busy attending to the tidal wave of tasks required to market a New Home Community.

What makes this service so popular is that it’s fueled by enthusiastic, creative and dedicated professionals like Anna Jimenez. We recently stopped by Anna’s office and sat with her for an interview about her work with Builder Marketing clients.  We thought you’d enjoy getting to know her!  Continue reading

Marketing Hacks: 3 Resources You’ll Want to Check Out.

tree-1715298_960_720When was the last time you got a chance to let your mind wander and think about your overall Marketing strategy? It’s refreshing and productive to get above the details, but it’s often impossible to find the time.

The digital house hunt has upended the way Builder Marketers spend their time at work. Home buyers have reinvented the home buying process using technology to shop when and where they want 24/7. Our amazing and savvy Builder clients are designing buying journeys around home shoppers’ preferences for engaging online and on site. As a result, Builder Marketers have had to evolve into Digital Marketing Experts in addition to everything else they do. There is endless content about Marketing and little time to sift through to what is relevant right now for your Communities. We thought we’d share a few resources we like here in today’s blog post.

Here are three resources where you can find Marketing Hacks that may save you a little time and help sell New Homes too:

  1. Email Marketing is a key piece of sales communication with prospective homebuyers.  13 Email Marketing Hacks  reminds Marketers to stay focused on the goal of creating leads you can pass along to Sales.
  2. I love fast hacks. There’s just so little time in the day. This e-book from HubSpot has 34 one-paragraph hacks for Content Marketing. Check it out to see what ideas can be easily migrated to New Home Marketing.
  3. Marketing professionals everywhere are using Buyer Persona tools to help them design customer journeys around people rather than market segments. These Buyer Persona templates from HubSpot jumpstart the process if you’ve been thinking about using this process to engage prospective home buyers.

Thanks for stopping by. Check out our Facebook page for a link to more Free marketing content from HubSpot, organized for easy access and fast consumption.


Leslie Bridges, Chief Blogger

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Pet Friendly Spaces are important to 33% of Millennial home buying prospects.


Professional Builder Magazine published results of recent research about Millennial home buyers this week. The bottom line is that Dogs, Kids and Equity are major considerations for purchasing a new home for this important segment of first time home buyers.

Dogs, puppy, park, California aqueduct, people, generic_7641348_ver1.0_640_360

And when it comes to their furry companions, here are three things that influence 33% of millennial home buying prospects:

  • Big fenced yards
  • Nearby Parks
  • Dog-friendly neighborhoods

Do dogs trump Marriage and Kids for this demographic? Continue reading